Our facilities are comprehensive and geared towards the safe and

proper storage and re-distribution of donated goods to Charitable Organisations and Hungry Families in need.

We have 3 depots with pick-up and drop-off points and a fleet of vehicles including;

Dry Goods transport

Fridge and Freezer trucks

Refrigerated Vans

This fleet is expertly co-ordinated by our logistics manager. Our 4 forklifts are at the ready to unload your trucks or ours to minimise downtime.

Our Drive-in and Walk-in Fridges and Freezers currently turnover around 60 tons of food per week.

Our warehouse is located at the Kingston depot and is equipped with palate racking for proper storage prior to distribution.

With aproximately 30 volunteers plus staff on site we have the man power to turn over massive amounts of goods all aimed at feeding people in need.


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