Loaves and Fishes

Pastor Jock
Loaves and Fishes Street Meet Care Service is a Not-for-Profit Organisation that is dedicated to caring for those less fortunate in our community and the greater Brisbane area that was founded by Pastor Jock Bamford.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Meal Program that provide nutritious meals for the, unemployed, homeless or those who are down on their luck.  Meals available Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am to 3pm.  Gold Coin donation appreciated to help us support this service.
  • Food Parcels If your finding it hard to put food on the table, we have $55 food parcels that will help with reduce the stress.
  • Cost Recovery Outlet (Discount Food Outlet) where people can buy discounted groceries.

Do you need help?

Help Us, Help Others

Food for the Struggling

Loaves & Fishes has been feeding those in need since 1995. Twenty five years ago, Pastor Jock made a dozen sandwiches, bought an urn to make tea & coffee and went out onto the streets and fed some street people in our local community.

We like to thank our supporters

We like to thank our supporters that assist Loaves & Fishes in supporting the community; Foodbank Qld, OzHarvest, Joyce Meyer Ministries, PFD food suppliers, NFP Distributors P/L, Toowoomba Confectionary Wholesalers, Ingham’s, Unlimited Buying Power and many smaller local businesses.

Loaves & Fishes are always looking for volunteers, donors and sponsors, we invite you to help with food supplies and distribution.

A small amount is donated but we purchase most.

Wholesale and by the pallet from bulk suppliers. I would like to also tell suppliers that all donations of food and goods are 100% tax deductible.

Food Hamper

Loaves and Fishes logistics team
Centrelink Basics Card

Centrelink approved to accept Basic Card.

This program is part of the Centrelink programms that is offered to help Families in the At Risk group of our community to ensure good food is put into the family home to help the burderns they face each and every day.